Taiyou no Flare Sherbet
RōmajiTaiyou no Furea Sherubet
EnglishSolar Flare Sherbet
PerformersMiyu Kubota
Music LabelAvex

Other Info
Episode AppearancesEpisode 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11
Taiyou no Flare Sherbet is an insert song that first appears in Episode 3 by Sophie Hojo.
HD Puripara Sophie Taiyou no Flare Sherbet (Episode 5) Subbed-001:39

HD Puripara Sophie Taiyou no Flare Sherbet (Episode 5) Subbed-0

PriPara Sophie Taiyou no Flare Sherbet (Episode 7) Subbed-000:57

PriPara Sophie Taiyou no Flare Sherbet (Episode 7) Subbed-0

Version Duration File
Sophie Hojo Rip 1:05
Taiyou no Flare Sherbet Sophie Hojo


Ai obiru taiyou no furea shaabetto
Kankaku wa mujyuuryoku ni shite
Mune kogasu yuuwaku no purotopuranetto
Dakishimete uo mawaru wa no hitto

Kui no nai asu wo minasai sekai wa
Dare no tame nan no tame mawatteru to omou

Sora kogasu taiyou no furea shaabetto
De oshiete ageru wa watashi wa
Hi no chikara eien he purotopuranetto
Umarekawaru romansu

The color of love, solar flare sherbet
A feeling like zero-gravity
Your chest charred by a protoplanet
Embrace the heat of the great ring

A dawn of no regrets, see the world
For whose sake? Just what is it turning for?

With the burning solar flare sherbet
I’ll make it all clear, oh yes I will
From eternal fire on this protoplanet
Rises a born again romance


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