Episode 22 Performance CHANGE! MY WORLD and Happy ba Lucky

Dressing Pafé CHANGE! MY WORLD SoLaMi♡SMILE Happy ba Lucky06:11

Dressing Pafé CHANGE! MY WORLD SoLaMi♡SMILE Happy ba Lucky

Welcome to the PriPara ( Prism Paradise ) Wiki

PriPara (プリパラ Puripara?), short for Prism Paradise, is a Japanese arcade


game by Takara Tomy. It is a successor to the Pretty Rhythm series of arcade games. A manga adaptation by Hitsuji Tsujinaga began serialization in Shogakukan's shōjo manga magazine Ciao from July 2014.An anime television series adaptation by Tatsunoko Production began airing from July 5, 2014.

Manaka Lala is in 5th year of elementary school and seems interested in PriPara's idol. Unfortunately, her school prohibited PriPara's idol for elementary school. But an unexpected chance comes to Lala, letting her debut with her friends, Mirei and Sophie.


Main Character's
  • Manaka Laala 
  • Mireilie Minami
  • Sophie Hojou
  • Shion Todou
  • Dorothy West
  • Leona West
Suporting Character's
  • Eiko 
  • Nao 
  • Cosmo 
  • Gloria 
  • Akai 
  • Non
  • Kuma
  • Usagi
Latest activity

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