Watashi ! Sophie San taitai Wani
Episode Information

RomajiWatashi ! Sophie San taitai Wani
Air Date
Featured Songs
Opening SongMake it!(i☆Ris)

Ending SongJumpin'! Dancin'! (Prizmmy☆)
Episode guide
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Watashi! Sophie san taitai wani ( I want to sing with Sophie san/私はソフィーさんと歌いたい )

Charatcer Appearances​ Edit

  • Manaka Lala
  • Sohie Hojo
  • Mieri Minami 
  • Kuma
  • Cosmos
  • Usagi ( Mieri imagination )
  • Sophie's Fan Club

Trivia Edit

  • Lala want's to sing with Sophie

Gallery Edit

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