Team disbanded? bear-troubled
Episode Information

Romajihimu wa kaisan!? Kuma mondai o kakaeta?
Air Date
Featured Songs
Opening SongMake it!(i☆Ris)

Ending SongJumpin'! Dancin'! (Prizmmy☆)

Insert SongMake it!(Lala & Mieri)
Episode guide
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Episode 2 : Breaking promise's is Bad-Pri Episode 04 - Kashikoma! Genki For You

In this episode, many things have happend:

  •  Sophia first debut was seen.
  •  Mieri & Lala again used different Pri-Tickets
  • Mirei's transformation change and eyecatch.
  • This is the 1st epiosde which have 2 insert songs.

Character Appearances Edit

  • Kuma
  • Akai Meganee
  • Gloria Ookanada
  • Non
  • Laala's father
  • Laala's mother
  • Nao 


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