Cosmos Hojo
北条コスモス Hojo Kosumosu
AnimeEpisode 34 (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live)
Character Information

Hair ColorLight Blue

Eye ColorPurple
RelativesSophie Hojo
Voice Actors

Cosmos Hojo (北条コスモス Hojo Kosumosu?) is the older sister of Sophie Hojo. She has been seen in the Puripara's first opening but has yet to be seen in the anime itself. Her purpose in the anime is still unknown. But as the anime progresses, it is shown that she is there to support Sophie as seen when she urged Sophie to take her first step.

Appearance Edit

  • Cosmos has shoulder length light blue hair and purple eyes.


  • In PRRL she seemed to have a very happy personality. 



  • She made a cameo appearance in episode 34 of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


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